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Wharton Advisors provide an analysis that encompasses four basic, yet major, issues that affect qualified and non qualified retirement plan solutions.


What platform is best for your group as a whole? We at Wharton have clients across the country. This diverse pool of clientele enables us to demonstrate the platform that best supports your plan needs, and best matches the quality and expertise of your participant group.

Many plans offer the same level of service, and you may be surprised to learn that the providers for the largest public companies also cater to the small market.

With all of that in mind, can you honestly say that your current plan offers the best solutions for your participants to properly manage their investments?


What type of plan is best for your group as a whole?

Plan structure encompasses the type of plan that you are offering to your participants. From defined benefit plans to 401(k) plans, we can expertly craft and deliver the appropriate plan needs of your participants integrating qualified and nonqualified plans.

Too often, participants are given an “off the shelf” solution that is both overpriced and under appreciated. Proper plan structure aligns the employer’s needs with the employee’s needs.


Are you paying the appropriate price for the services provided to your participants?

Hidden pricing amounts to overcharging for various parts of the plan. As plan sponsor, YOU are responsible for reasonable pricing of your plans. Can you definitively say what your plan costs on ALL levels? If yes, have you compared those costs with other vendors? If NOT, you are likely NOT reaching the level of transparency necessary to meet your Fiduciary Responsibility.

Are you using a mutual fund platform? A group annuity platform? Are there expenses that are not readily understood by the plan sponsor? If your pian is a few years old, is it still competitively priced?


Most people think fund selection should be their paramount concern.

In reality, this is not the case. The funds are essentially the least important part of the analysis as they are all subject to change. Is your provider REQUIRING a percentage of fund choices in THEIR PROPRIETARY funds? Are those funds offered reasonable choices for your participants?

Is your provider providing you with UNBIASED recommendations?

Wharton Advisors does not accept any payments from vendors, only from our clients. As such, we act as YOUR advisors and are agnostic as to vendor and investment? Wharton acts as a Plan Fiduciary. We put the PLAN SPONSOR and PARTICIPANTS first in all decisions. Wharton Advisors acts as an investment advisor, not a broker.

In order to do an analysis of your current plan offering, we will need the following:

A. Summary Plan Description
- Demonstrates structure

B. Latest Statement of the plan
- Shows where assets are and in what amounts – proper revenue share disclosure

C. Latest testing information

D. Copy of last filed 5500

The Wharton Advisors solution is mechanical. We build a plan that works efficiently EVERY time.

We protect your plan with financial analytics designed for FULL DISCLOSURE of all expenses.

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